Employment Law & False Claims Act Law

Regardless of if you are an employee, an employer or have knowledge of Medicare fraud, issues related to employment and the False Claims Act can be uncomfortable and distressing. Taking action with the help of a skilled and trusted lawyer can ease the process and help reach a solution that suits your needs and can result in the payment of substantial compensation.

At Christopher C. Copeland PA, we strive to help employers and employees resolve the legal matters they are facing in order to move forward with their lives. We also help those with knowledge of Medicare fraud report and recover fraudulently paid Medicare funds via the False Claims Act.

We pride ourselves on utilizing a personal approach to each case, tailoring the way in which we handle the matter to the client’s individual goals. Having practiced law for more than 30 years, attorney Christopher C. Copeland leads our firm, and is committed to serving the area’s business and residents.

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Practice Areas

Having previously represented Fortune 500 companies, and successfully prosecuted multiple False Claim Act cases resulting in the recovery of millions of dollars fraudulently billed to Medicare, we bring that past insight and knowledge to handling cases in the below areas of focus:

  • False Claims Act - Medicare Fraud

    The False Claim Act allows individuals with knowledge of Medicare fraud or other fraud resulting in the receipt of Federal or State funds to pursue a claim on behalf of the government to recover those funds plus substantial penalties and interest. As an incentive, if successful in recovering funds on behalf of the government you can share in the recovery and receive up to 25% of any funds recovered. We have successfully brought and resolved multiple cases against corporations and individuals that fraudulently billed Medicare resulting in the recovery of millions and millions of dollars. Time is of the essence in bringing such claims. Reach out to us and we will assess if we can help you bring a False Claims Act claim.

  • Employee Rights

    Employees are afforded a wide variety of rights under state and federal laws. If you believe your rights have been violated and you have suffered discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour issues or other violations, talk with us about how we can take action on your behalf.

  • Employer Representation

    Whether you are facing an employee-related issue or are looking for guidance in taking proactive measures to prevent future issues, we can help. Our firm handles all aspects of the employer side of employment law, including policies and procedures, compliance issues, contracts and litigation.

  • Mediation Services

    As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, Mr. Copeland offers his services to parties seeking a third-party neutral mediator in any type of legal matter, including employment issues and business disputes.

Contact our Law Firm

We offer a free case evaluation where a member of our dedicated staff will contact you and go through a series of questions. Our firm can assess and determine if and how we can help you and what your options are. To learn more, contact us online, call us at (561) 691-9048 or fill out our client intake questionnaire and your case will be immediately submitted for review and consideration.

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