Standing Up For You In Whistleblower And Retaliation Cases

More and more employees are standing up and calling attention to the illegal activities of their employers, when they are discovered. This is called “blowing the whistle” and the reporting employee the “whistleblower.” Unfortunately, once an employee becomes a whistleblower, he or she is more likely to be retaliated against by the employer, up to and including termination. If you have been retaliated against due to your whistleblowing, or because you engaged in protected activity such as pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, you have rights and an experienced employment law attorney can protect them.

Our legal team at the Christopher C. Copeland PA, has experience handling all types of whistleblower and retaliation cases for employees. Located in Jupiter, Florida, we work hard to see that employees throughout the area are protected and their rights are preserved. It may be possible for us to recover twice your actual damages in whistleblower and retaliation cases, as well as punitive damages to sanction the employer and prevent future negative actions against other employees as well as attorneys’ fees and costs.

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