False Claims Act, Qui Tam Litigation

Since Medicare fraud is often hidden and difficult for authorities to detect, Congress passed a law known as the False Claims Act to incentivize the reporting of Medicare Fraud by allowing people (Relators) to bring claims on behalf of the US government to recover monies fraudulently obtained through Medicare Fraud. It is estimated that improper billing practices and other types of Medicare fraud cost American taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

If you choose to blow the whistle on a hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice facility etc., you may be able to help recover money stolen from U.S. taxpayers and, in return, obtain a financial reward for your efforts.

Our legal team at Christopher C. Copeland PA will meet with you, review the facts of your case, and help you determine if you can file a lawsuit under the qui tam provision of the False Claims Act.

Do you have knowledge of a hospital, skilled nursing facility or hospice submitting false claims to the government? Contact our qui tam attorneys in Jupiter, Florida today to learn more about the important role whistleblowers play in reporting fraud.